• John M. Collins

    John M. Collins

    Chief Operating Officer and Technology Implementation Director at CIMIT

    Before joining CIMIT, John M. Collins was president of TIAX LLC, a 200-person technology transformation company and, before that, Senior Vice President at Arthur D. Little Inc. managing its 250-person Technology and Innovation business. He has spent his career in industry as a leader in technology-driven businesses, with more than 30 years of international experience focused on the accelerated development and commercialization of innovative technology, products and services.

  • Marshall Collins

    Marshall Collins

    CRAASH Manager and a Research Analyst at CIMIT

    Marshall Collins has background in Economics and Behavioral Neuroscience. He also works on the ongoing development and support of the cloud-based online platform CoLab, which supports collaborative teams in navigating some portion of the innovation cycle. Over the past few years, CoLab has been adopted domestically to be used by Yale and Texas Children’s Hospital, as well as internationally, with portals in the UK, Singapore, and others.

  • Mike Dempsey

    Mike Dempsey

    Entrepreneur in Residence at CIMIT and leader of the CIMIT Accelerator

    He has been working in the field of medical devices for more than 25 years. Over this time, he has invented or worked on products that have treated more than twenty million people. Dempsey has helped develop and introduce dozens of successful products, holds over 40 patents in wireless medical device communications and has ten more patents pending. He was a co-founder of Radianse and worked for Philips Medical Systems.

  • Eric J. Evans

    Eric J. Evans

    Executive Committee at Mass Medical Angels and Screening Committee of Launchpad Ventures

    An active member of the early-stage investment community in Boston, Evans sits on the Executive Board of Mass Medical Angels and on the Screening Committee of Launchpad Ventures. He also maintains relationships with Hub Investment Group, Boston Harbor Angels and Cherrystone, among others. He has served as CEO for several biomedical companies, including Targeted Cell Therapies, Abazyme, Lumos Catheter Systems, Mulleris Therapeutics and Follica Biosciences.

  • Wolfgang Krull

    Wolfgang Krull

    Senior Operations Management Professional in the Medical Device Industry

    Krull has a proven track record of leading complex business, site, operations, supply chain and product development organizations, including two successful start-ups. His specialties include leading operations, strategic planning, organizational development, and program management to meet worldwide business, quality, and regulatory requirements. He spent 24 years with Hewlett Packard Medical (now Philips) before joining two start-ups that were later acquired by General Electric and Medtronic.

  • Paul Tessier

    Paul Tessier

    Co-founder of Radianse and founder of Technology Innovators

    Tessier is an experienced medical device developer, manager and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Radianse and the founder of Technology Innovators, a company that researches specific medical problems, invents solutions, prototypes and patents the solutions and finally licenses the technology to others. He worked at Philips Medical and also held various leadership positions in marketing and R&D for a diverse set of healthtech products.

  • Josh Tolkoff

    Josh Tolkoff

    CIMIT Accelerator Executive

    Tolkoff has over thirty years of experience in research, development, manufacturing, regulatory affairs and general management of medical device companies. He is recognized as a leading figure in the Massachusetts medical device community and serves on the board of several private companies. After a research position at Mass General Hospital, Josh started his commercial career at Medi-Tech and helped grow that company from 20 to 500 employees. He has founded several start-ups including ACT Medical, built to over $25 millions in sales.

  • Joel Weinstein

    Joel Weinstein

    President at MAVEN Medical Device Strategies

    Weinstein is a serial entrepreneur and an industry-recognized marketing and strategy “guru” in medical imaging and women’s health. He was a member of the founding management team of Hologic, Inc. and directed the strategies over that company’s first 12 years of meteoric growth. He has held different founding and management positions at Assurance Medical, VueSonix Sensors, Andrew Technologies, BioSphere Medical, MassMEDIC and MAVEN Medical Device Strategies.

  • Meike Bomhof

    Meike Bomhof

    Senior Associate in Europe, HullAssociates Ltd

    Meike Bomhof is the Senior Associate in Europe at HullAssociates Ltd., a Global Market Access and Reimbursement Consultancy. Since its inception in 2007 she has assisted with the growth of the company in Europe to its present size and provided market access and reimbursement strategy & implementation support related to a wide variety of innovative medical devices mostly in Spain, Italy and The Netherlands.